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Did You Know, DIY: 7 Resources For DIY Dudes

Hacking isn’t just for Mark Zuckerburg fellas!

In fact, there’s a DIY switch that’s been embedded deep within our brain matter through years of evolutionary Darwinism. According to a recent study, men engage both sides of the brain when handling visual-spatial tasks. This means you are naturally inclined to see things not how they are, but how they could be. So, it’s time to start using that vision to build something strange like Howard Roark.

1. Furniture Hacks

IKEA Desk Hack
Courtesy of IKEA Hackers

Ever wonder what your dresser would look like if you replaced the musty drawers with sheet metal shelves, attached cupboards to the frame opening outward and had a car hatch hydraulic pump modified to pop up the sheet metal shelving units to chest level? You’d never have to bend down to grab another t-shirt again and you’re girlfriend will be asking to see your IKEATRON when she comes over!

2. Pinterest Hacks

Recycled Corona Bottles
We recommend filling these with Pacifico...

There’s a growing number of dudes who are looking to make something out of Pinterest and while most of the boards are still dominated by what chicks think other chicks think is cool, there are some righteous boards to be found.

I found this method of upcycling Corona bottles because every guy finds himself drinking Coronas at least once during the summer.

Editor’s Note: For those who are not inclined to make these awesome Corona glasses themselves, you can get them pre-made right here.

3. Electric Hacks

Power Strip Hack
Courtesy of

This particular power strip hack is genius for many reasons. Among them: you don’t need a welder’s certification to perform this mod.

(Disclaimer: Hack at your own risk, gentlemen.)




Mr. Beer - Makes a great gift!That’s “Brew Your Own Beer” for this mod instead of the more well known acronym, “Bring Your Own Booze.” No doubt, serving up your own schwill will definitely up your man cred. Even though Mr. Beer kits are for the weak and feeble-minded brewer. It’s easy on your pocket book. What’s more is that there is an entire community of beer geeks devoted to all sorts of mods you can make with your Mr. Beer brewing system. What’s that saying? A journey of a thousand brews begins with a single sip?


6. iPhone Hack

Now you can make your own iPhone videos with high quality audio (only available on the iPhone 4 and above). Simply take any camera-ready audio device (lav microphone works best) and plug in this three band adapter for the iPhone microphone, . Viola! You’ve got interview quality sound direct to your iPhone. Like this:

7. Digital Hacker

Matrix Code
There is no spoon.

The Hollywood hacker archetype is someone we find at a smoke filled apartment typing furiously on a MS-DOS type platform with lines of code pouring through the monitor.

That archetype has shifted to include not only the nefarious digital transients at Anonymous but also the creators of Farmville.

So if making things with your hands is not for you, maybe creating things with your fingers is a good place to start. Try this free code academy on for sans serif sake!

(Bonus): Resources for hacks like you.

Dumpster Diver
If possible, wear pants.

Sure any Home Depot or Lowes will probably have what you’re looking for but when was the last time you went to either for anything other than materials to make a beer bong?

Garage sales, Craigslist, Freecycle, and yes dumpsters are great places to look for hacks.

Time to DIY!


Are you a DIY guy? Share your favorite projects and resources in the comments section!

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